Is this right?

Hello! I’m extremely new to knitting and i found this really cool bracelet pattern here –

It’s one of those cable braid bracelets… I’m doing the two cable braid.
Now, I got up to the 3rd row when I stumbled upon this “Row 3: 6-st LC, K3”…"[B]6-st LC[/B]" to be more specific… I understand the whole cable part and how I must convert a few stitches onto a cable needle, but when it says “[B]6[/B]-st”, after it goes “K[B]3[/B]” but the whole knit is only 8 stitches!! Am I going insane or something? 6+3 = 9 Right?
Please! I really need help making this!!!

P.S.- did find a few crochet bracelets…would those be easier for me since I’m a beginner? :muah:

The pattern does say to cast on 9 stitches, so you may not have started out with enough stitches.
ETA=that’s for the first bracelet.

For the second bracelet, you cast on 8 stitches, but you use 4-stitch cables. (the directions you quoted above are for the 9-stitch version)

OH!!! haha, oh my gosh!!! I’d better read the directions again before asking…I might have dropped a cast on before I started stitching anything at all… Thanks so much!!!