Is This Proper?

Hi Everyone:muah:
I am new to knitting, and have what I believe is common problem to new knitters. Working a pattern that calls for 96 stitches, I came up with two extra stitches.
I have several questions: Will an extra stitch or two affect the outcome of the pattern?

Before I posted this thread, I went ahead and decreased one stitch on each end to come up with 96. Did I do the right thing by decreasing a stitch on each end? Will this affect my pattern? Will I have to start all over??

Is there some other way to make the correction in the number of stitches?

Please help as this is my very first sweater for my grandson’s birthday!:knitting:


Decreasing the sts like you did should be okay if it’s just garter or stockinette stitch and it may not have mattered much anyway. If you didn’t actually cast on extra sts, look at this thread to see how it happened.

An extra stitch or two can affect the outcome of a pattern, how badly depends on the pattern. Decreasing is perfectly acceptable. Sue is right though…check to make sure you didn’t inadvertently add them when you were knitting. That is a common problem with new knitters.