Is this project going to end up badly? (pics included)

I started a baby hat and I fear it is going to be the size of, well, a doll hat instead!

I’m not too sure how to measure the gauge or whatever it’s called? But the instructions say 5 stitches to 1 inch, and if I’m measuring correctly with my tape measure, I’m getting a lot more than that!

I was wondering if someone could look at these pics and tell me what they think? Is this thing going to end up tiny?

I’m enjoying the project (boy, that ribbing is good practice!) but it’s a lot of work to go to if I can’t give it to someone’s baby. :slight_smile:

Here’s the hat pattern :

3 pics of what I’ve done so far :

It’s still too small to measure exact gauge, but it seems to me that you are getting about 5 to an inch. Each little ridge of the ribbing is a stitch. Also, if the rest of the hat is in stockinette, then the ribbing will naturally be tighter to add stretchiness. I’d continue.