Is this possible?

I’m currently trying to shape the neckline of a piece that I’m working on. I want it to look like a sweet heart neckline, but i’m not sure if I could achieve that through short rows,or blocking or if its possible at all.

Is this the type of neckline you want? If so, I simply decreased on both ends of one side gradually until I reached the peak and bound off the last few stitches and repeated the same process on the other side. You have to leave one side on a stitch holder or long needle/circular needle while you work one side. I’m probably not being very clear in my explanation, if you need clarification of some point of my garbled explanation please post again.

PS. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Thanks for the explaination- that’s exactly what I needed to know. Great picture by the way- that is a beautful piece!