Is this possible?


I just wanted to ask, since I haven’t seen a pattern like this in my roving about the internet. I want to make a laptop sleeve, but I want to do the sections of it in double knitting, slip the “front stitches” onto a separate needle, as one would for a cushion, but then instead of binding off the front and back, stuffing, and then seaming, I wanted to insert a piece of rigid(ish) foam in between the layers of fabric, then bind off the two sets of stitches together. Once all my sections are completed, I will THEN seam where seams are needed.

Am I crazy? Someone stop me if this is insane, please? I plan to use worsted wool yarn and 10.5 needles.

Maybe the reason I haven’t seen a pattern like this is because it’s not possible?

Thanks for all your help.


Double knitting would work I think… :think: Or you could make two rectangles and seam them. Neat idea. :thumbsup: