is this possible

As I am knitting up this baby blanket, I got to thinking what a wonderful idea it would be to knit my husband a blanket for Christmas. I have plenty of time.

I found this pattern
I was wondering if it is possible to cast on double the stitches and add more rows? Will 266 cast on stitches be too much for size 11 circular 36" needles? I do not want the stitches to fall off.

I was thinking of making it blue and gray.

I use way longer cables than that when working on blankets. You might find it uncomfortable to squish that many thick stitches onto that length needle. I’d say at least a 48" one.

The blanket you’ve picked out is easily resized, but not by just doubling the stitches as that won’t work with the stitch count, which is a repeat of 3 stitches +1. So however many stitches you add, that number needs to be divisible by 3.

To do the math, the count is 3 border stitches, 127 center stitches (repeat of 3 (126) +1), 3 border stitches. To roughly double the size, it’d be 3, 253 (=252+1), 3.

(You sure you want a 90" wide blanket?)

That math does figure out 3+1 multiples. Thank you. I too was thinking a longer cable. As for the size needed… Yes. Why?..

Because many years ago I thought I would be nice and make his 2 adult nephews( still living at home) a crocheted afghan. 50"×70" and 1 liked his the other said it wasn’t big enough for him ( he is 6’6" 280lbs). Since then my husband has not liked the average size. He never said anything up to that point and always used them. But from that point on, he wouldn’t use it. I stopped making things for him for that reason.

That being said and since it has been almost 15 yrs I thought I would surprise him this year. He has done so much for me in the past 2 yrs. I just want to do something nice for him. It gives me just shy of 5 months. He doesn’t wear scarves or hats. I am not ready to make gloves and he doesn’t wear mittens.

I am still looking at patterns when I take breaks from the baby blanket. I really do like that pattern and it seems easy enough to make.

I could also just make tons of squares and sew them together. There are options :grinning:

Scratch my original question. I can do 10" squares ( 1st square will set the ex. For the rest) 9 squares across x 9 squares high. 81 squares total. Would allow the blue and gray checker. They would make up quick in garter stitch / possibly seed stitch. Sew together and done. No special math no extra weight on circulars and no need to order special sized needles. Yup sounds like a much better idea.

But I still plan on making the 1 in my original post. Love it. Just make it for a whatever/whoever.

Thank you for the help though.:blush:

You could do long strips and seam them together. Working with 90" on the needles would be cumbersome IMO but 30" strips would be very doable. You might do the center panel a little wider and the side panels narrower; the center could have either stitch pattern(s) or different colors. So many possibilities. I avoid lots of seaming so I immediately thought of not so many squares to join. Enjoy this project!

I crocheted a blanket for my son. It was all fpdc & bpdc and large enough to cover the top of a queen size bed. He loves it. I’ll never ever in a million years do that many fpdc & bpdc at that gauge again. It was all in one piece and while I find large crochet pieces easier to deal with than large knit ones it was still challenging at times. Definitely a cold weather project.

Oh I hear ya on those crocheted afghans. They work up quickly but still get heavy. The famous dcfp or the treble crochet fp/bp. Those were the days :blush:. The biggest 1 I made was for a full size bed. 2 strands held together. Loved it but totally loved it when it was done.

I like the strip idea. Less seaming. If its done in garter would the second block have to be 1 row shorter so not to have the color change row show on the right side? Not like it would be a big deal. Would be a unique eye catcher.

You may need a larger needle and definitely longer to make it more comfortable to hold and so the stitches don’t slide off the ends.

ETA: I see you mentioned squares. That would work and could be done in the lighter weight and smaller needles if you like.

What are fpdc and bpdc? I’ve not heard those before.

Front post double crochet(bpdc) : where you would take hook put it through the right side of stitch in the row below and around the back so you hook comes out the left ( think of a c with the openings towards you) and you preform the dc or stitch indicated. Back post double crochet(bpdc): where you would bring hook from back right then around front of stitch below on the left ( think a c but this time your opening is in the back) then dc or do stitch indicated.

The Basketweave Stitch :: Crochet Stitch #335
That’s the stitch pattern I used. It’s a cool pattern but those stitches are hard on my hands and wrists. I might be able to figure out how to do them with less discomfort but I haven’t managed it yet. I was working at a tight gauge too.

@knitting2relax Row counts and I don’t get along well. Someone else would have to answer that. I just generally do what looks right.

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