Is this petty?

Ok, so I posted a few pics of a scarf here and at crafster. Someone said they were going to copy it and sell it. I checked on Ebay and sure enough, they are. I didn’t post a pattern or anything, but they basically got it the same except they used less stripes on it.

Now, I’m not upset that people like my scarf. That’s cool. I’m glad. But I’d much rather see it donated to charity or something instead of being sold. I can’t even tell you why her trying to sell it annoys me, it just does. Am I a small, terrible person?

I am just guessing here, but since you did not post a copyrighted pattern, she has done nothing legally wrong.

You cannot copyright an idea.


You’re definitely not a small, terrible person. I’d feel the same way too…not really angry, but kinda, well, I dunno…confused? Jealous that they’re selling a scarf that if anyone shoulda been selling, it shoulda been me? I think what they’re doing is not only rude, it’s tactless. You have every right to feel the way you do. ::big hugs::

ETA: And just because it’s not legally wrong, doesn’t mean it’s not morally wrong.

I don’t think it’s petty, I got annoyed just reading about it. :!!!: :grrr: It sounds like it was your pattern. If so she should have at least asked for the pattern and if it was ok to do what shes doing. Am I right or wrong in assuming that she is profitting off of your pattern?

Nadja xxx

That’s a bummer. I don’t know the ins and outs of copyright law, but I do know that you do not have to have something officially filed or even labeled with a copyright mark to be protected, at least when it comes to stuff like artwork. I don’t know how it would work your particular situation, but I imagine that how unique the scarf is would probably be key. Regardless, what she did was just uncool. Have you contacted her about it?

I agree with femine_earth…

on a lighter note I thought this said Is this pretty? I kept thinking but I see no picture of the scarf what am I missing :rofl: :doh:

Did you post a pattern that she copied ? or did you post a picture of a striped scarf and she made a similar one?

Sorry, but you can’t copyright inspiration. Things are created all the time from inspiration… unless they are using someone’s personal pattern and selling without their permission then there’s really nothing they are doing that is wrong. A simple striped scarf is not something that could be copyrighted… I guarantee yours wasn’t the first :slight_smile: I know, coz I sold a TON of them last year at christmas lol Now if she’s stolen your pattern and giving it away or calling it her own that’s something different… a written pattern, not an idea for a striped scarf.

I understand why this might bug you, it probably would me too especially if she had the cheek to admit she was going to take the idea and sell it on ebay. That was just rude… but she’s really done nothing wrong to be honest. Rude yes, illegal no.

:roflhard: Sorry about that.

I didn’t think she was doing anything illegal (since I didn’t post an actual pattern), just annoying. And it wasn’t a plain striped scarf, it was a double knit skull scarf. LOL, I’d pretty much be an idiot if I thought I was the very first person to make a plain striped scarf.

I’m not a copyright expert, but it sounds to me a lot like she’s making unauthorized reproductions of your artwork and selling them. That’s a big no-no, and by the laws I know of quite illegal. You’d certainly be justified in asking her to stop, and if she doesn’t, in asking eBay to take her items down.

But the Girl from Auntie probably knows better. :wink:

I would be upset as well However, I agree its not legally wrong but it is morally wrong. However if she did not copyright it already then you could always copyright it first and she wouldnt be able to sell them anymore. Copyright your version. You have proof that you made it up you have a finished product that was posted long before she started selling hers right :eyebrow:
Also I dont see anything like it on ebay do you have a link :??

hmmm… interesting topic, don’t mean to be argumentative, but i don’t think it’s really morally wrong, annoying, maybe. It is the same thing as going to the shops, park, anywhere, everyday, and going, ooohhh, i like what she’s got on, might duplicate that; oohhh, that’s a cool hat, bet i could make it (which i do everyday, not sure about you guys). Having said that, i don’t then sell those items on ebay. I make them caues i really like them, and want to have them. If it were me, i’d just make some more of my own scarves and corner her out of the market on ebay :twisted:

Ebay one.

I guess what really bothers me is the whole “look-what-I-did-how-awesome-am-I” vibe she’s got going on, when she basically swiped my design (which she flat out said over on Crafster that she was going to do). Some credit would be nice considering I put a lot of effort into coming up with something cool and unique for my daughter. I mean, how many double-knit, striped, black & white skull scarves do you see running around out there?

Yeah but it’s one thing to copy an item that you like and completely another to do so in order to make several copies to sell.

Take a look here for an example, (two big names, I know but still the same basic problem).

I can’t believe the mare had the cheek to join craftster to make just the one post telling you what she was going to do!

I see that she’s asking $60 a scarf. I don’t know if she’s sold any though as she only has 3 feedbacks from buyers and I didn’t check the item numbers on the feedback page.

So, yes, that would bother me too. :!!!:

ETA: Sabrina, your design is so much better - her stripes are too big. :wink:

Edited again cos I only saw $20 not $60 a scarf!!! :thud:

:grrr: The nerve! Well, I’m sure this sort of thing has happened on ebay before, so you may want to visit their discussion boards to see what, if any, options you have for getting the listing pulled. I know it sounds like a long shot, but you never know.

P.S. If you haven’t done so already, I’d suggest printing out a couple copies of the crafter thread for proof that the scarf was your original design.

personally i would LOVE to learn how to do that
the skull is cool
but the reversible thing is WAY Cool
I am sorry your idea was stollen
I hope my idea has never been stollen
but I know there is a chance, since i shared it on here
and even sold some of my Goddesses


I think it was definitely kinda sneaky~~ maybe not illegal but sneaky nontheless~~ :oops: :pout:

A starting bid of $20??? A buy it now price of $60??? That sounds so sleazy to me. I don’t know if it’s legal (you did post pictures) but its just plain rude to me. And you said she worte on the boards that she was going to copy it??? What the… :!!!:

did any one else notice that she said she won an award for it. the nerve! she said she’s already got orders for more in pink… :yadda:

~sigh~ is it wrong to dislike some1 u’ve never met…

i think i find this situation more insulting than i do annoying. :grrr:

I love this conversation. Doesn’t this happen all the time, to everyone? Aren’t we all getting ripped off, not getting credit for our labor, etc., etc. Like most others on this thread, I have no idea if this is illegal or immoral, but I know that if it were I who designed that scarf for my daughter, I’d be upset about what that other person is doing, even of it were legal.