Is this pattern wrong or I am stupid?

I am doing thissweater, but I got stuck at a point. Please convince me that the pattern is correct so I can go on. Read the Left Front part:

Next row (RS): Ssk (pocket edge), work to end of row. Next row (WS): Work to last 2 sts, p2tog. Rep last 2 rows until 12 sts have been dec’d, ending with a RS row

How could you start with a RS row, dec each row by 1 st till total of 12 sts, and end with a RS row again?

Hmm…as I read it, you are decreasing every other row - the WS. Then, after all the decreases, you’d be ready to start a RS row. Could it be you complete that RS row and then begin the next step in the project?

The directions are a bit muddled.

I agree with this … whenever a pattern tells me to end with XYZ, I do XYZ and then move onto the next part… :thinking:

i see a decrease every row. I see a slip slip knit in the first row and a purl2tog in the second row.

if i count that right then the last row is a ws row. am i missing something there too?

  1. right side
  2. wrong side
  3. right
  4. wrong
  5. right
  6. wrong
  7. right
  8. wrong
  9. right
  10. wrong
  11. right
  12. wrong


I agree - it’s a little mixed up. I see it the same way brendajos wrote. Maybe if you do that, then do one right side row without any decreases, then continue on with the rest of the pattern???

I agree with knitqueen. If the next instruction is not for a rs row, as well, I’d just throw in another rs row.

What is the next instruction?

What is the next instruction?

Click on the link for the pattern for complete instruction.

i did but i can’t remember my login on that site so i just refuse to even deal with them…whenever i do finally remember my sign in it takes me away from the original thing i tried to link to so i just don’t deal with them. they made a mess of their site for me when they changed to forcing people to log in! :rofling:

Have you tried contacting Lion Brand about it? At the bottom of the page it says…

“We want your project to be a success! If you need help with this or any other Lion Brand pattern, e-mail support is available 7 days per week. Just click here to explain your problem and someone will help you!”

It would be interesting to see how well their support works! LOL

This is the next instruction, starting with a WS row:

Join pocket lining to Left Front: Next row (WS): P across pocket lining sts to last 2 sts, (p 1 pocket lining st tog with 1 Left Front st) twice, p across rem 5 (7, 9) Left Front sts from holder. Work 10 rows even on Left Front/pocket lining sts to match length of pocket opening, ending with a RS row.

I had my member number handy, so I looked at the pattern. You do purl the next row, so I’d just knit one extra row and carry on, making a note to do the same on the right side. It’ just says reverse shaping for that, so it shouldn’t get in the way.

I just found a few other mistakes with this pattern. It sucks. I will write them so other people don’t waste their work if they follow the screwy instructions.

Thanks all for the help.