Is this pattern strange? - How to Baby cardigan raglan


I am quite new to knitting and my pregnancy has put me in the spirit! I just started a baby cardigan and am finished with the back. Now i see that a lot of people have complained about the sleeves. Would anyone Please be able to go through it and let me know what is wrong with them?

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Also when knitting the front, 7 sts are slipped onto a stitch holder and are knitted at the end. How will I join them to the rest of the sweater? How do i shape the button holes? Shouldn’t the pattern mention this? is this strange or is it just me?

You help would be EXTREMELY appreciated.

Thank you very VERY much.

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It seems like the sleeve cap (after the bind off of 4sts on the next 2 rows) is too long to fit the armhole opening. The advice from one of the Commenters seems better:
“…when it came to the decrease (after the casting off of four stitches on either side) I decreased two on one end and one on the other end of every knit row. For the other sleeve do the exact same thing except decrease one at the beginning of the row and two at the end … Continue in this fashion until you reach seven stitches. from there follow the pattern instructions. Attach the part of the sleeve that was decreased one stitch every knit row to the back. This gives the back a nice rounded shape to account for the shoulders and the natural curve of the back.”
That’ll decrease the number of rows in the sleeve cap and should work.
As for the front bands, knit them to the length needed to reach the center back when the bands are slightly stretched. You can join the 2 bands using 3 needle bind off (see Bind Off videos on the Free Videos tab above). For the buttonholes, you could use a yarn over, k2tog. On the next row, resume the k1p1 rib pattern across the yarn over.
Congrats on the pregnancy! Great news.

Thank you really very much! i shall follow your instructions and hopefully it’ll be great :smiley: This really helps.