Is this pattern right?


I’m a beginner knitter and I’m trying to knit my first sweater from a pattern I found in a book.

It’s a pretty simple V-neck sweater for a baby, but I’m now stuck on the left side of the v-neck.

I’m going to attempt to insert the scanned pages so you can see where I am and what has me confused:

This is the first page:

And here is the second page, with the left side of the v-neck instructions:

Do you see on the first page where it has the “Shape right neck” directions?

I did all that and that side looks great.

But when I get to the second page and “shape left neck”, it goes wrong.

I join the yarn to the stitches on the holder with the right side facing. Then it says to K 24, so I do that.

Then it says “Row 1 and 3 (Right side)”…but that’s not the right side now. That’s the wrong side because I just K 24 on the right side that was facing me, see?

So in attempt to try to get it right, I didn’t K 24 after I joined the yarn, I just jumped right in to Row 1 and "K to last 3 stitches, K2tog, K1."
Then I went on to Row 2, Row 3…

When I got to Row 4, I realized it couldn’t be right.

It was making the V-neck on the SIDE above the armhole instead of on the neck, where it’s supposed to be. :frowning:

So I frogged back to where I joined the yarn and now I’m stuck!

Can anyone please help?


Confusing but I think your row one and your K24 are the same row. Instead of knitting all the 24 stitches on your holder, knit to the last 3 stitches, K2tog, K1.

Also, unless that is a free pattern, you should avoid posting it on a public forum. There are copyright laws when it comes to patterns. Next time you can just post the part of the instructions that are giving you trouble.