Is this normal?

Hi everyone! I’ve been a crocheter for years…and wanted to learn to knit, sooooo…I’ve taught myself with the help of this site! It’s wonderful!! I do, however, have a question. I’ve got the casting on down, but i’m having trouble with my knit and purl stitches. I can do them, it just seems like with each stitch, the yarn between the stitches gets wider and wider. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong? Thank you so much!

If it’s on your first row, it’s probably the cast on, not you. Using the backward loop does that, it’s not a good one to use for beginning a project, or for a lot of sts. Look at the videos on the Cast ons page and try knit, cable or longtail cast on.

As Sue says, if this is your cast-on, just keep going or use another cast-on that doesn’t allow so much yarn to pull between the stitches at first. (You might also try making sure that you’re working with the yarn and stitches right at the end of the needles, right before where the tip starts.) The process of making the stitches will pull the extra yarn between the stitches at first, but the process of putting the needle between the yarn and the holding needle will pull it back out – you’ll also find that around row two and three, the extra yarn starts pulling back into the stitches.