Is this normal in dropped stitch?

I’m working on a new design right now, and I want to use the dropped stitch. At least I think that’s what I’m doing, where I yo, k across the row, then only knit the knitted stitches on the next row. Clear as mud? Anyway, when I’m looking at my work to see how it’s coming along… and deciding if I need to frog it for the 5th time today, I noticed that the loops from the dropped yarn overs are getting “stuck” between the knitted stitches. A little encouragment and some tugging, and out they come, but am I supposed to manhandle them to get the proper look of this stitch?

NOTE: I can’t say what it is because I’m hoping to submit it for publication, but I’m using a strand of fingering and a strand of sport yarn on 8 mm needles to get a loose effect in case that helps any.

Are you talking elongated stitch? I am working on an elongated stitch right now. I do the following - K1, YO 2x, repeat until end. On the next row, I will pick up the first stitch, knit it, then when I transfer from left to right needle, gently pull off the next stitches, which were the wrapped stitches. Is this clear as mud? If its elongated, it doesnt require much manhandling, and my yarn is comprised of about 5 different teensie yarns…

Yes, that’s what I’m doing. I’m only doing one yo since it’s a child’s project, and the large needles are already making it very loose. When I knit the next row, all I’m doing is knitting the “correct” stitch, and when I slip that loop off the needle, the yarn over comes with it. It’s hard to explain unless you’re actually doing it, I guess, but I’m skipping the first loop on the needle {which is the wrap} and knitting into the second one, and sliding both off at once. Clear as mud? In any case, the yarn over loops seem to be getting “caught” and I need to tug on my work in order for it to all even out and look nice.

I knit into the first one, not the second one. Which may or may not be the correct way, but the second one comes off easily and results in a nice elongated stitch.

On the elongated/drop stitch scarf I’m working on, I do have to tug a bit to get the yo’s to get in proper position - but I think this is mostly due to the fact that I’m using a novelty ribbony yarn with these little thread flowers sticking out from it. They catch like crazy. It really shouldn’t require much tugging.