Is this knitted? What stitch is it?

Hi all, newbie here. My friend has a scarf with this great pattern that I’d like to recreate. Is this knitted? If so, does anybody know what the stitch is called?

It looks like it’s knitted diagonally. Looks like a herringbone stitch of some form. You might try googling “diagonal herringbone knit stitch pattern”. I have a herringbone pattern stitch at home in one of my books, just not like this one…will check for you later in the day. Mary

Quite similar to the ‘Houndstooth’ stitch (image shown from Harmony Guides).


Oh Gah! I meant houndstooth, guess who’s the idiot? LOL~ sorry bout that, you are soooo right, Cam. Please forgive, Swellest! Mary

It looks more like a ‘woven’ fabric to me instead of being knitted. However, it is in the houndstooth pattern as others have mentioned.

Thanks all for your help. Off to hunt down houndstooth patterns!