Is this is a typo?

At the beginning of a pattern is says to cast on 61 sts. Starting with a P row, work in garter st for 4 rows, ending with RS facing for next row.

But how you can you start with a purl row when you’re doing garter st?

Is this just a typing mistake or am I misunderstanding something?

The amazing thing about garter stitch is that you can do it with all knits or all purls–it looks the same either way. Most people use knit stitches since it is easier for most people. I’m guessing the pattern wants a purl row at the bottom, hence the purled garter stitch.

You can alter it to be all knit garter stitch, too, if you don’t like to purl.

Is it knit in the round? If it is, you will have to alternate knit and purl stitches to produce garter. If your just knitting on straights then you can still produce garter by doing all purls.

Oh, I’d only thought of garter stitch being just knits, but if you turn the piece around it’s all purls isn’t it?!


I would use all knit in place of purling. I can’t see where it would make a difference, though.