Is this fixable?


I have been working on a blanket for over a month, it’s nearly finished. My little dog snagged a loop on her claw and pulled out about a 2 foot length of yarn. I could just cry.


Thread a yarn needle or use a crochet hook. Weave it into your stitches in the back of your work. It will disappear. If you have any holes, draw the edges together gently so you don’t pucker it. Relax. No one will get out the magnifying glass and be the Knitting Police. Give the dog a big hug, have a glass of wine, and congratulate yourself for a project well done!


I think a picture might help in this case.


If you don’t have a hole, you might be able to just pull the snagged loop back into the adjoining sts this way.


Thank you all for the replies. I couldn’t bear to look at it, so my sweet husband laid it out on the dining table and use a crochet hook. He got it back to normal and called me in to have a look. I couldn’t find the snagged area! I hugged him and the dog. I also trimmed her claws!!

Whew!! Thanks again.