Is this even possible?

I’m at the top of knitting a bag, ready to bind off. What I want to do is bind off the front and back top edge but leave some stitches on stitch holders on each side so I can pick them up and knit the strap. I want to leave 12 to 15 stitches “live” on each side for the strap and then sew the strap together in the middle. I’m improvising and it may not be possible. I’d rather not knit the strap separately and sew it on. I’d like to knit it on. Anyone ever done this? Thanks!

Yes, I think it is possible. It seems to be exactly the same as keeping live sts for say, the back of a neck on a sweater. You just cast off up to the sts you need to keep live, knit those sts onto a stitch holder then continue to cast off the remaining sts to the end.
Best of luck with your project.

Ok, knitting stitches onto the stitch holder makes sense. I’ve never done that before. My experience with stitch holders is mainly turning the heel of a sock. I couldn’t figure out how to jump across the unbound off stitches to start binding off again but that would work. I’m gonna try it. Thanks!

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It never occured to me I could knit on a stitch holder. It worked! I’m on my second strap. I wanted the strap to be wide and taper so I improvised some decreases and it worked. I love to diverge from the patterns as written but never know whether it will be a disaster or not. Thanks for teaching me a new trick that will help me continue to do that in the future.


You’re very welcome.
Well done, it’s looking marvellous :smiley:

The possibilities are as endless as your imagination. I have worked straps as you suggest joining in the middle with kitchener stitch to be almost invisible. I have worked one side and joined it to the waiting stitches on the other side. I have worked straps as icords threading cord into the icord as I work for added strength or a ring to clip a fastener to. This is also a good practical way to test new techniques, a valuable tip is to thread a scrap of yarn through the strap stitches before you start then if you have to undo it you go back to the scrap yarn. Have fun and enjoy your project.

On my second bag I used your idea of Kitchener stitch to join straps and it worked great. A smooth, flat seam. Thanks!

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