Is this enough yarn for a shawl?

I have one skein of Lion Brand chunky wool-ease in a now-discontinued color. I love this color (Huckleberry, magenta) and I’d like to make my mom a shawl with it, but I’m not sure I have enough. I’ve looked on eBay and I can’t find any more of this color, so it looks like I’m stuck with just the one skein.

The label claims that the skein contains 153 yards of yarn. Do I have enough to make a simple triangle shawl on size 15 needles?

Thanks for the help, I’m still getting the hang of this knitting business.

Hey KnitMonkey :waving:
I’m going to have to say probably not, most shawl patterns that I’ve seen call for a few hundred yards of yarn, sorry.
You might have enough for a little hat!

Thanks, Rebecca. I suspected that I didn’t have enough, but I wanted to check. I’ll just have to go out and buy something else for the shawl. Oh darn, a trip to the yarn store! :teehee:

You are welcome!
Hey, a trip to the yarn store…now, that’s fun :cheering:
do you have a shawl in mind? Have you found the pattern? What yarn do you think you want? LOL, I find that going to the yarn store is alot like grocery shopping, I do best with a list…LOL.

I made a fairly long, ~8 inch wide basketweave scarf for my brother out of one skein of WoolEase Chunky. You could always do a point-up triangle and see how far you get.

Yep, that would be a different scarf/neck wrap.