Is This Correct?

Hi ladies. I don’t post much here, but do read regularly and have gotten an incredible amount of helpful information from all of you, which I appreciate so much. Now, I have a problem I need help with. I’m making this sweater:

and don’t quite get this part:

[B]FRONT:[/B]Work same as Back until 53/4 (6, 61/4)" from beg, end P row.
[B]Divide for Neckline-Left Front: Row 1-Right Side:[/B] K25 (27, 29), K2tog, turn and put rem sts on a holder. Dec 1 st at neck edge every 4th row 12 (13, 14) times AND AT THE SAME TIME when 13 (13 1/2, 14)" from beg shape armhole at opposite edge by binding off 3 sts at beg of a K row, P 1 row, bind off 2 sts at beg of next row, then dec 1 st at same edge on next 2 K rows – 9 (10, 11) sts at end of all shaping. Work even until same length as back to shoulder, end P row. B ind off.

By my calculations, if I work as stated, I will end up with SEVEN stitches left, not nine – I knit 25, K2tog (this makes 26 on the right needle), turn and put the remaining stitches on a holder. If I decrease 1 stitch every 4th row 12 times (for a total of 12 decreases in 48 rows), I’m left with 14 stitches. If I bind off 3, there are 11 stitches left. Bind off 2 more and there are 9 stitches left. Finally, if I decrease 1 at the edge of the next two rows, there will be 7 stitches left. What am I missing?


Wild random guess – maybe by “binding off 3 sts” they mean that you’re left with one stitch and two bound? (that is, it’s three stitches involved in the binding-off process, but the same way that binding off completely leaves you with one stitch that gets treated differently, this partial binding off leaves you with one stitch.)

I’d say your math is right as I understand patterns. If Isabeau is right, Moda Dea is using bind off differently from all other pattern writers in the history of the universe. But they’re consistent across the sizes, so it’s not just a mistake.

Have you tried writing to them? I don’t know how they respond to customer questions, but they have a “contact us” link on the pattern page.

Since the directions for the back leave 9 stitches left at the shoulder, I’d consider doing two fewer decreases along the way on the front to match the back. You can probably do one less neck decrease and one less shoulder decrease for it to work.

Thanks for the replies. I hadn’t thought of writing to Moda Dea (duh!), but will do that today. If I don’t hear back from them, I’ll just do two fewer decreases as BillSpace suggested, since I’ve already knit the back and the front shoulders need to match up. Thanks again!