Is this considering double knitting?

I’m going to start knitting a baby blanket and the beginning instructions say to knit with two strands held tog but it says that the blanket will be the same but reversed on the back side. is this considered double knitting? here the website to the pattern.

No, that is not called double knitting. With double knitting you actually make two separate (but may be attached) layers of knitting at the same time. Both layers are the right side of the fabric on the outside and the backside of the layers is between the two, and not seen. The moon and stars pattern you are showing here is knit with two strands held together and the pattern is reversed because what are knits on one side are purls on the other. Usually, but not always, DK uses two colors and on one side, for instance stars may be white on a background of blue and on the reverse side the background would be white with stars of blue, but both sides may be all stockinette, with no reverse stockinette on either side. DK is pretty amazing, but not that hard to do, just a bit slower.

Oh ok. I thought so. I remember watching the video on this site about it. I’m new to reading patterns. Thank you!:woohoo: Gotta start knitting :knitting: