Is this "combo" knitting?

Hi everyone:hug:, after taking a knitting break (grieving over the loss if my 93 year old “crafting” teacher), I decided “she” would’nt be pleased if I “tossed my knitting forever”…:cry: so I am picking it back up…My right hand is very tired…so I can do knit stitch conti style, but can’t get the purl…If I knit “conti” and purl “english” will this work? Or is this a combo style…and if so what do I have to do to make the stitches right…Thank you:muah:Cheley

That’s [B]a [/B]combination style, and it works fine; I do this sometimes. But the combo style we talk about is a combination of continental and Eastern knitting which you can find out more about here -

Thanks for the link…but it’s showing “knit” and “purl” holding the yarn in your left hand, again, I can do the “knit” stitch this way…I can’t do the “purl” stitch…Can I do the “purl” stitch the “throw way” and the “knit” stitch the conti way??? :muah:

It may slow you down a bit, but there’s nothing wrong with doing that. Whatever works with your hands is what you do. There is no “wrong” way to knit.

Yes you can. You don’t have to do the purls the way they show, I don’t. I was just showing you what we mean when speaking of `combination’ knitting.

Yes you can. That is not combination knitting (although you are kind of ‘combining’ two different techniques). The only possible problem is that your gauge/tension might be VERY different (see nonaKnits’ recent post about rowing out to combat this, should work in your way as well). Since you are new to the conti knit, you should be able to concentrate and train yourself to knit a bit tight er or looser to match your ourl easily. There are lots of ways to conti purl though… it might really be worth spending an hour trying each one and stick with it for a few rows to see if it gets easier, it will always be awkward and difficult when you first do it.