Is this combination knitting?

I knit continental. When I’m knitting ribbing in the round on socks, I knit the knit stitches plain. But on the purl stitches, I knit through the back loop and scoop the working yarn, essentially wrapping it backwards. Since I’m going around, it produces a stitch that sits on the needle backward, but is not twisted. I guess knitting the back loop plus wrapping backwards equals a normal looking, but backwards facing stitch.

It’s a really fast way to do ribbing and I like it. It makes a normal looking fabric, and makes switiching back and forth from knit to purl really easy. I just think, “Scoop, front, scoop, back, etc.” Is this combination knitting?

I’m not sure I understand…do you move the yarn to the front for purls though? Anyhoo… Here’s a link that might answer your question.

Sounds like it to me. I had no idea what I do was “combination” anything. It works, and that’s all that matters.

Thanks Jan. That’s a neat site, but her description of a purl stitch is not quite what I do. The scooping is the same, but I purl through the back loop. I guess if I was working flat, I’d need to go through the front loop, and then knit it combination on the way back, but going in the round, I just purl the purls so that they’re seated backwards. It looks almost exactly like a mirrored knit stitch.

It’s really fast and comfortable and produces the same looking ribbing with no twists. It could always be that I’m just weird! LOL

Well, if are happy with it and with the fabric it creates thats all that matters! There are no knitting police! :teehee: