Is this appreciation, or what?!

Your dogs are awesome and I love the one of all 3 piled into the dog house. However, what I would like to know is how you have outdoor dogs that always looks so clean in their pictures ? Seriously, my dogs live in the house, and go out in the yard to play for 2 min and come back covered in something ! Daisy went out to pee at 0730 Sunday morning and came back with cat @*&#!% smooshed all down one side of her face, neck, and shoulder. Woke the hubby up and gave him the choice of going and getting me coffee and the screws he needed to fix my elliptical or giving the dog a bath … MMMM love my Dunkin Donuts delivered and logged some time on my elliptical last night :teehee:

Ya know…I don’t know how their white stays white! The Saint Bernard can, of course, get dirty front forearms…from laying his drooly jowls on his arms…then getting dust on the drool on his arms! I have to hose off his forearms all the time in summer!

The hounds roll in the dusty dry dirt up on Nighthawk Summit all the time…but when they get up and SHAKE…it all blows away in the breeze!

Katie…the little Shih Tzu…comes home from the mountains looking grey and black, instead of white and black. Everytime I take a shower, I put in the plug, let the bathtub fill up…and then I toss her in the water after I’m done! Then she gets a fresh clean rinse! She looks like a black-and-white ball of fluff when she dries! But oh my…can she ever get grey lookin’ from the mountain vacations!!!

I LOVE your dogs. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them.