Is this appreciation, or what?!

If this isn’t BOWL APPRECIATION…I don’t know what is!

Does this guy love his food and his bowl, or what??!!

On our mountain property! It had been too hot for him to eat much for a few days. He is catching up on his calories! He laid himself down to eat in comfort! What a dork! :teehee:


He looks like me the day after my colonoscopy was finished. I was eating everything in sight.

What a goofy boy! He’s a beauty

You have the most comical dogs! :teehee:

These pictures make me want a dog more than I already do!

I think he’s fabulous! What a happy, beautiful boy he is.

BTW, don’t you just LOVE this cool down we’re having?

:roflhard::roflhard: Our Mastiff does the same thing with her water bowl! Like she’s too lazy to actually sit while she’s drinking, she just has to lie down…LOL!

He’s just beautiful!

I SURE DO!!! [/B]:cheering::cheering::cheering:

Doesn’t Charlie look like he’s absolutely HUGGING his chow bowl? I’d love to see your Mastiff hugging her water bowl! What a hoot!

We used to have a Mastiff, HOGAN. He only lived to be 5. He died of congestive heart failure. So sad. It affected his kidneys. Renal failure. They shut down and he died. We were so shocked. We had no warning other than he got wobbly and seizure-ish his last month. He had lost weight. Didn’t want to eat anyting except pancakes with lots of butter and syrup, hand fed, his favorite treat in the world! A blood test at the vet told us the bad news.

Anyways…we didn’t let him suffer. We let him go.
The breeder told us that Mastiff’s are very gallant fellows, and they try so hard to ‘show no pain’. She said we couldn’t allow him to continue to put up a ‘brave face’. She said he’s prolly been suffering for a long time, trying hard to ‘buck up’ and be the Hogan we needed! :cry:

Man I love your puppy pictures! Keep them coming. :thumbsup:

He’s adorable! Makes me want to hug him…and your captions are priceless too!

Oh no, I am so sorry to hear about Hogan! :hug: That’s one thing that does scare me with having Lucy, I know the bigger dogs run a higher risk of having problems, and, their life expectancy usually isn’t as long as the smaller dogs. I am dreading the day. At least, in the time we have them, they are loved so deeply and have wonderful, happy homes.

I’ll have to try to get a recent pic of Lucy with her water bowl…She doesn’t wrap her paws around it as much anymore because we had to put a large Tupperware container lid under the bowl because when she drinks, it’s SLOPPY as can be (as I’m sure you know…lol)! Since her mouth is so flappy, she has a constant stream of water that flows out of her mouth as she drinks and it was actually causing the water to leak through the floor into the basement! So we had to put something under the bowl to stop the water from leaking through the floor.

too funny:roflhard:

true our mastiffs are the same way with pain… one tore her acl & other than limping she did not make it known. understand that is a painful injury…

Charlie’s just using his jowls to clean the bowl after eating. :teehee: We used to have Saints–I remember. . . . .

What lineage is he? Sanctuary Woods, High Chateau?

Cashmere Saint Bernard Kennels!

We purchased Charlie from a family in Snohomish…they have 3 adults…two breeding females and one stud. Lily and Ruby had litters of 11 and 12 within 2 weeks of one another! Twenty-three Saint Bernard puppies all racing towards us in their yard! What a sight! Anyway, we never did get papers for Charlie. The lady had AKC problems. However, we saw Lily’s papers (Charlie’s mother) and she is out of the Cashmere Saint Bernard Kennels.

Harley, our Saint who died Oct 2007, was purchased directly from Cashmere Saint Bernard Kennels!

And now I know what I loved about Charlie’s face! It is so similar to Harley’s!

And on top of it…I name him almost the same.
Charlie…Harley! shees.

Here’s old Harley. Such a pretty boy!

Here’s Charlie!

Here’s old Harley, with the two hounds piled into his house for naps!
Such a patient boy!

Now, here’s Charlie! [B]The toy thief![/B] This stuffed animal IS NOT his toy! It belongs to Katie! But he loves to rip 'em up in 10 seconds or less!

Here’s Charlie…waiting to sneak in! This is how he gets Katie’s toys! The sliding door is open just 12" behind the curtain so that Katie (the Shih Tzu) can go in and out in the summer! So he sticks his big ole head in!

“Yeah, Charlie! I am still sitting here knitting, and yes…I see you,
so back off Big Boy!”

I love the picture of him with the hounds on top sleeping away in the dog house. Priceless…/

Boxers are NOT this way at all. George got a bee sting on his paw and limped for two days, it was swollen but…Jeeez. He wouldn’t even put it down when laying unless he had a pillow:teehee:

I love the one behind the curtain.

funny pics of Charley…and Harley looks like he was a sweetheart.

:roflhard::roflhard: That big ‘ol head peekin’ in from behind the curtain is HILARIOUS!! Such beautiful dogs!