Is this an option for Options?

I know the Denise kits have extenders for their cables. Do Options have them also? I haven’t seen them on the website. Seems like it would be easy enough to manufacture.

Also, is there any chance Options would consider imprinting the sizes on the needles. It sure would help us unorganized people!

i’m pretty unorganized, too. (in that i have my projects [I]all over[/I]. they’re in seperate bags, but it’s a lot of bags! :teehee:) i got a whole bunch of tips that i needed for my christmas knitting back in oct./nov. i just keep the tips in the little plastic “sleeves” they came in, and keep them in their respective project bags. that way i have them together, and i know what size they are. i’m trying to do the same thing with my two sets of cables (which i have decided just aren’t enough - gotta get me some more cables!). i know what it’s like to frantically search for a specific needle size and i find that this really helps.

I have the needles and cables in the sleeves and I’ve labled them with my label maker. It makes it easy to find and put back. If I forget what size something is I just grab my needle sizer thingy. It would be nice if the size was printed on the needle, but I’d probably need a magnifying glass to read it and I wonder if it wouldn’t leave a rough spot if it’s engraved? :think: