Is this afghan ok for an idiot beginer

as im useless at crochetting and am determind to get the hang of it i thought this could be the chalange to make me get it, but i dont want to bite of more than i can chew kinda thing.

is this an idiot proff one please?

thank you

it looks like it

i dunno
i haven’t crocheted in a while

Nice choice! It is an easy pattern and you should have no problems with it for most of the stitches are single crochet. You might want to get some information on double crochet stitch and triple crochet stitch. has videos to do both of these stitches. Help is only a question away.

I think that the above is an excellent suggestion! :mrgreen:

I know way more about crochet than I do about knitting, and I agree that the pattern looks simple. I have problems with mis-counting when I crochet, so just make sure you pay attention to everything you need to keep track of and you’ll probably be fine.

Good luck and we’re here if you need us! :thumbsup:

yes, this looks like a very simple pattern. Some crochet stitches are very complex just because crochet has fewer “rules” than knitting: since you only ever have one live stitch at a time (usually) you can put stitches in all sorts of places and change them in sooooo many ways, but this is a very simple and attractive pattern.
good choice

Yup, looks pretty simple to me - go for it!

thank you all so much,

i will order the yarn as soon as i can. i think i’ve missed sept order date from my lys, but for oct it will be on the order


thank you

Looks cute Susi. I may have to crochet one for a friend who just had a baby. :slight_smile: and you know if you get stuck just give me a shout. I haven’t covered a treble crochet in class yer but those are easy.


Thanks for the pattern, it does look like a very nice blankie, and one that I don’t have in my book.

The only place you might have a problem is in the border area, and we can help you with that.

Crochet is what I do when stressed out on a knitting project,and it’s a great way to destash.

Looks simple enough to me. And it looks really nice.

i like simple to learn on :teehee: .

i have started it but have a few things otn that i must get done before i get cracking with this blanket. i’m on row 2 right now so a long long way off, but will get there

thank you all again