Is this a variant of standard ribbing?


So, with standard 2x2 ribbing, working flat, after turning the work, you normally purl the stitches that were knit, and knit the stitches that were purled, right? In this free pattern (, I believe the rib pattern is not standard. Has anyone seen this before? Does the photo jive with the instructions?
(I am not an experienced knitter)



With “regular” ribbing, the knits and purls line up with each other. And the stitches look like columns. In this pattern, the knits and purls aren’t lined up like that. The picture does match the instructions.



Thanks, just making sure it’s not an error.


No problem. You can always try to make a sample of a pattern just to check it out!!! Then you’d be able to see for yourself how it goes.



This looks like a pattern stitch called ‘mistake ribbing’ I have used it for socks and it wears well, adding thickness and warmth.

It is called ‘mistake’ because the ordinary rows of k2 p2 ribbing are offset by 1 stitch in the odd number of cast on stitches in the pattern instructions.