Is this a pattern error?

[color=darkblue]If anyone has a moment, would you please look at thispattern?

I have knitted several swatches and it still seems that it cannot be as written.

Using US 15 needles, I get 8 rows = 5 inches. A total of 42 rows would yield a 20+ inch scarf. Impossible, no? Could they mean 42 rows of EACH yarn?

Perplexed and bewildered,

Landolphe :??[/color]

did you swatch it with both yarns? it looks like it is stretchy.

It says gauge is not crucial. You do 2 rows with one yarn, 2 rows with the other, alternating yarn. Did you do it that way? One is very thin, one is very thick, and yes it stretches.


I swatched it using the two yarns as directed. It is not as stretchy as it looks. Cannot reproduce the small yarns stitch size, even with stretching.


If, as I find, this makes up to 8-10 rows = 4 inches, no way that making only the specified 42 rows wopuld yield a wearable sized scarf. It would only be some 20 or so inches long, no?


[color=darkblue]I received email replies to the 2 questions re this that I posted to Lion Brand Yarn site. My questions were VERY specific; their answers explained nothing at all.

I am waiting for my brain marrow transfusion any day now, but still . . . .