Is this a manly hat?

My husband wants a hat for this winter (ha! if I start it now he might have it by mid-winter). Is this a guy hat or is it too feminine? For some reason I can tell! Maybe just because a girl is modeling it.

oh I think it’s manly enough!

my two cents :wink:

I would avoid the purple! :wink: But something in a brown or tweed would look nice.

yup change the color and it should be fine.

I told him I’d do it in hot pink :wink: OK he gave to Ok so I guess this is the one. It will be my first hat and first cable project!

Oh I dunno… I like the purple… but I’m a freak… I think it would be fine as a male hat… you know looking at that…
I LOVE that cable… that’s just swet

I think very manly in tweed

I think what makes it ‘womanly’ is that it’s purple. I would make it a smokey grey.