Is this a good gift?

I made myself a neck warmer out of one skein of baby alpaca. It’s just done in ribbing, but only long enough to go around the neck, and can be fastened a few different ways with some pretty buttons.

I really like it, because it’s warm and soft, but not as bulky as a true scarf. I don’t have to cram it into my coat. Would these make a good gift for kids’ teachers? Or will people think, “Wow, she really skimped on that scarf!” :rofl:

Good gift or no?

I think it sounds great! I am short, so I always make my scarves shorter and narrower than a lot of patterns I see. I think it would be great for active people, who don’t want to fuss with a scarf. You might have to make them wider or a little longer, depending on the size of the recipient.

If you go over to and click on knitting and then search for scarf you will see quiet a few different kinds of neck only scarves so im figuring that it’s an acceptable item to gift.

I think that’s an awesome idea !

:thumbsup: It’s a great idea. There are actually lots of patterns for neck warmers.

I think it’s a wonderful gift.

Great gift. Go for it.

I think it would be an awesome gift idea.

I’d sure be glad to get one. :slight_smile:

Let me give you my address! :teehee: I’m always up for a fabulous hand-knitted anything!

I think the neckwarmers are a great gift idea. They are easy to remove and put on, you don’t have to worry about tying (like scarves) and therefore an uncomfortable knot, and you can still wear a scarf if you want if the neck warmers isn’t too bulky. A very versatile gift. :thumbsup:

Cool. I’ll whip some up this week. I can make about one a day.

I just wasn’t sure if “neck warmer” was something popular enough for people to “get.” I’ll have to add in a little note about it. I think a neck warmer would be perfect for the teachers who have to take kids in and out for the carline at parent pickup time.

I think it’s a brilliant idea! And I say that because nearly every one of my family and friends are getting them for christmas with matching hats… I’ve really thought about the person and chosen buttons to suit them… you can get quite creative with such a basic item - and I find that just by putting the buttons in different places you can create quite different looks. I mentioned to my mum that this is what I was doing this year, and she told me she had seen a set of hat, neckwarmer and gloves in a catalogue for over £100 so neckwarmers must be the trend right now! Go for it, and enjoy :yay: