Is this a good beginner yarn?

I am looking to make a scarf using a simple garter stitch. Because of the simplicity of the stitch, I want to use a colorful yarn that has a little metallic shimmer in it. Something like the yarn in this link:

Which brings me to my question. Is this a good yarn for a beginner like me to use? I believe its worsted weight, but I am not sure.

that is going to be a very slippery yarn, If you are going to be wanting to just start out I would say a cotton or an wool would be better and as you get more comfortable with knitting then I would go with that yarn IMO

It depends on how tightly the metallic is spun with the nylon in this yarn. In addition to being slippery as flyboy mentioned if the metal easily splits from the yarn it may complicate knitting and fixing mistakes. Why not save this yarn or one like it for a future project and buy yarn that is a simpler construction for this one. Garter stitch in even a plain yarn, or a yarn that varies in color is very good looking.

I’m a pretty basic knitter, and I use a LOT of novelty yarns. I would try a acrylic blend TBH With either cotton or wool blended, its easy to clean AND is quite tough. Its easy to knit as well.

Alright. I’ll stick with an acrylic blend then for a while until I am more experienced and can handle a more slippery yarn.

Your going to be happy with doing that, You will get very frustrated if you jump into a yarn that is tricky to work with. This way you will get better and when you do switch to a more tricky yarn you will handle anything it will throw at you :wink:

I have not read all the other responses so that my answer will be totally my own first impression!

I love the yarn, and if I was teaching a beginner knitting class for a garter stitch scarf, I’d say GO FOR IT to anyone asking!

And another thing…I think a pretty yarn breaks the monotony! I love your choice of yarn! Makes me wish I’d found this yarn on Ebay instead of you! :teehee:

The sparkly part of the yarn looks like it’s pretty much embedded into the colored yarn…and won’t be too much trouble for you, like splitting or anything. I’ve always like this type of yarn, the way it’s constructed.

And WOW! 187 yards each ball! That will make a perfect scarf! If you buy this yarn in particular, I’d use bamboo needles, and at least a US9 or US10. Don’t crowd the stitches.
Cast on about 20 stitches only. And away you go! If you like extra wide scarves, cast on 25 stitches.