Is this a good beginner sweater pattern?

I want to make a sweater for a friend’s 2 1/2 year old, but I’ve never made a sweater before. I’ve looked at as many patterns as I can find on-line and thought this one (the long-sleeve one) looked like an easy start. Plus it calls for a yarn that I don’t feel guilty wasting if I mess up. :rollseyes: Does it look simple?

Also, how do I know which size to choose? He’ll be three in October, but I don’t want to ask her for measurements since I want it to be a surprise. I don’t have any kids so I have no idea what the round about size would be. :??

Thanks for any advice!


i’m new to knitting as well and i would have a go. personally i woud try it striped as you can see what you are doing easier that way. i have made 2 patterns the same, one stripped one not. the one striped was far easier to see what i was doing. and i think stripped jumpers look fab on kids (i was making for a 3 year old as well).

Enjoy doing it


I would definitely go bigger…my almost-three-year old is wearing quite a few size 4 things, and I don’t consider her very big. :smiley:

It does look pretty easy and they have it classified as “mellow” which is their term for beginner/easy. It’s cute!

Thanks! :smiley: I guess I won’t really know unless I just give it a try! :XX:

They do look easy but I’d sure have to make them longer than they show there!! But that would be simple to do. :XX:

I thought the same thing. I def. am not too hot on those colors either, so that will need changing too! I’m planning on picking up the yarn today! :smiley: