Is this a dropped stitch or something else entirely???


Beginning knitter here. This mistake is one I seem to make often. Is it a dropped stitch or maybe I forgot to push the stitch off the needle?? Can anyone identify by just looking at the picture?

Better shot.

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It looks like a dropped stitch that has gone down to the cast on. There are ways to do the cast on but with so few rows of knitting, it might be easiest to rip out and begin again.

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This video was super helpful. Thanks for the reply!

it almost appears as if you were purling that row, and then suddenly, you made ONE knit stitch! Is that the pattern?

At any rate, what usually happens in such a case, is that the knitter forgets to move the yarn to the back BEFORE making the stitch, and so, the yarn goes over the needle to the back, and there you have an accidental Yarn Over (YO). It happens a lot of times.

Then on the next row, you come to this extra loop of yarn… is it a new stitch, a dropped stitch, or what? The solution, once you realize that it should NOT be there, is simply to drop it off the needle. Sometimes, there is a little bit of extra yarn there… and it usually is taken up by the neighbouing stitches and they even themselves out. If not, then you can sometimes help it along by taking up that slack. If it comes to it, you can just knit it together with the next stitch to get rid of that extra yarn… but that is last-ditch action!!

The most important rule to keep in mind is that your working yarn MUST be in the correct position BEFORE you put the needle into the next stitch. Which means, when switching from knit to purl or from purl to knit, move your yarn first, and THEN insert your right needle into the next stitch. Very common mistake, especially when ribbing and easy for beginners to make. Just be careful at first, and it will become automatic in a short time.