Is this a complete spinning wheel?

I have been looking into getting a spinning wheel and found this one for sale locally. I know very little about spinning wheels and neither does the seller. Does it look complete?

Oh, he wants $70 for it.

Looks like most of its there except for maybe a drive band . That is what makes the MOA turn. The wheel will turn because of the footman but without a drive band the Mother Of All wont turn. THat is easily fixed with some good cotton string. I had to replace mine when I got it , not hard to do. If its a double drive then you can add 2 or make a big figure 8. Good luck

Thanks Kathy!

The footman looks like it’s not attached to anything. Is that normal? Do I need to hook it to something? I haven’t seen a spinning wheel in person…

All in all, do you think this would be a good buy at $70?

The footman attaches to make the wheel spin. It is usually attached with leather on 1 end and the other end is attached to metal usually. My mind has gone blank to the names all is called. Try to get the wheel spinning if it does then the other is easy to make as I use cotton twine for my drive belt. I learned also to check the wheel to make sure its not warped. Yes its a good deal as long as you dont have to replace alot. I also use oil in many places, not too much just enough to get the squeak out.

It looks as though it would work. Any way to get a picture of the Mother of All with the bobbin & flyer??

It looks to be all there, the drive band is an easy fix, in the picture, showing the back of the wheel, the wheel is placed in the uprights backwards, the cam that’s attached to the foot treadle linkage, the wood slat, should be to the back of the wheel.

If all it needs is a drive string it’s a steal. The wheel, the table, the MOA, and the flyer, with the bobbin for $70.00, I would buy it if I could only use one or two parts.