Is there something wrong with my pattern? Something missing?

I have put this pattern and the one partially knit slipper away about a year ago, because I couldn’t figure it out when I hsd just picked it up again after a long time when I had gotten discouraged with not being able to continue. It’s the free Ribby Slipper Sock pattern and designed by Cathy Carron. Has anyone done this pattern, and if so, did you find that there’s a part that is missing?

It’s done on dp needles and working from the toe up. When it gets to the leg opening it just says “working back and forth in rows” to continue for the amount of inches that you have chosen for your size. Then it tells you to join the heel! My question is, isn’t there supposed to be a number of stitches given to “knit back and forth on” because how can you do this any other way?

Thank you for any help you can give me. I’m stumped.

OK, this is where you make the opening for the ankle and leg. You should work back and forth on all sts . So if the given number of inches for your size takes you to about the spot where the top of your foot slopes into the ankle, then at the beginning of round, start knitting back and forth. In the photo you’ll be knitting the beige part which is under the blue sts. Knit back and forth for the given number of inches and then join for the back of heel with 3-needle bind off. From there you’ll pick up around the opening for the cuff.

Mary Anne,

I have to tell you I find this so confusing. I don’t know what my problem is. I’ve knitted since I was 12, but of course haven’t done much the last few years due to health problems…eyes, etc. but this is so hard to understand.

Do I keep the three dp needles and just go in reverse then? That’s the only way I can see what you’re saying. I just assumed I had to use only a portion of the stitches to do so many rows and then join later. I’ve done a lot of socks, and that’s the way I’m thinking.

Edited to add: Okay, I guess I understand it now. I’m doing it on the three dp needles and going back and forth. I have no idea why I found that so hard to understand. I was thinking that it had to be on two needles to do that and knew it wouldn’t stretch that way. I feel a little ignorant at this point, but I’ve never done that before, nor seen a pattern with those instructions.
Thank you for your help.


It is unusual and sometimes it’s difficult to visualize going from knitting in the round to knitting back and forth. If you can knit onto straights it may be easier at this point but knitting back and forth on the 3 dpns will work too.
Enjoy finishing up!

Yes, I’ve been working all night on this and do realize now that when it gets a bit longer you can put it on a couple of straight needles also.

Thanks so much for your help.



I’ve never done that particular pattern bfore, but if it doesn’t work out for you, you could try these similar ones:

Good luck!

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Thank you so much. I actually AM doing it now and although the darned first slipper proved to be too large, I can understand it now. I had to tare it down so much and redo it, but will finish it today. I just have a problem understanding things and if they had written it more clearly for people like me (a little dense sometimes) I would have been happier.
I needed it to state that you just treat it as though you were working with two needles and work back and forth but would still have to keep stitches on the three needles at first. Once you get a bit of length on that you can pare it down to two needles.

Thank you for your reply AND the pattern!