Is there something missing to this pattern?

I’m trying to knit this hat:

Looking at the photo, it looks like there should be some increases after the ribbing and also moving to the larger needles, but this isn’t indicated in the pattern. Any advice? I was thinking of doing a “k2, k2tog” round after the ribbing, but I’m really unsure how to proceed.

Huh… I noticed that for the decrease rounds, there are total number of stitches indicated, I did the math and I guess there is no increase. Interesting ; I suppose I’m just supposed to use the larger needles?

I like talking to myself :wink:

Is it just me or does this not make sense:

US #4 / 5.5mm DPNs or small circular needle
US #7 / 6mm DPNs or small circular needle

That’s not what my size chart says…

Should I follow the US sizes or the mms? I wish I hadn’t already done the ribbing… I’m guessing the ribbing should be in #4 US and not 5.5mm.

The author (or at least the poster) of the pattern seems to be located in Utah, US.

Yeah, the sizes are off. Maybe it’s a typo or they didn’t know the correct metric correspondences. Are you using a worsted weight yarn, or DK or bulky? In any case, use the smaller needles for the ribbing, then switch to the larger ones. Use the US size if it’s a thinner yarn, use the metric sizes if it’s thicker.