Is there some kind of universal decrease rule?

Hi everyone! I hope I put this thread in right category.
So as the title says-is there universal decrease rule which can be always applied?

For example, I am knitting a hat: 88st, circular needles 4.5mm (US 7) and want to decrease to form top but I don’t know how because I don’t use written pattern. I googled a bit and noticed that many patterns divide stitches in groups of certain number and put “k2tog” in the end of each group.
I hope I explained problem clearly.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to KH!
You can look for a convenient multiple of your sts. There 4x22 or 2x44 but 8x11 is probably the most useful. You can start decreasing by (k9, k2tog) around the hat, knit a round even, then (k8, k2tog) around and so on. Alternatively start with (k6, k2tog) around and gradually decrease sts.

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