Is there sizes of circ. needles?

Hey guys, I’m knitting my first hat and I was wondering, before I buy the needles, what I should look for specifically. Is there a certain size I should be going for in terms of how long the wire that connects the needles is? Or is it the same in all of the needles? Heres the pattern… (its the hat on the left, not the red one)

I just don’t know if theres a specific size for adult-sized heads or anything. Any guidance would help a LOT, because obviously I know nothing about hats or circs. Thanks!!

I always use 16" circs. The pattern you are looking calls for the following needles.

size 4 or 5 16" circular needles (for bottom ribbing), size 9 or 10 16" circular needle (for rest of hat), blunt yarn needle

I like that pattern…you don’t even have to use DPNS.

oooooh, ok. thanks!! and thanks for the fast reply, too!

I think that there are three different legths, 16, 21. and 24. But I’m pretty sure there are differnt needle sises too, but I only pay attention to the length :lol:

Circulars come in many different lengths 16", 24", 29", 32", 36" and 40"

Depending on the brand and length the needles sizes vary from size 1-15

Hope this helps!



Circs do come in MANY lengths. The shortest I’ve seen are 8 inches, and the longest I’ve seen are 60 inches. For most hats, you’ll need a 16 inch circ, and for most hats either dpn’s or 2 circs to finish the top of the hat. For hats for a newborn baby, you’ll want either a 12 inch circ or just do the whole hat on dpn’s, but most hats you can do on the 16 inch circ.

Thanks! That cleared up a lot :smiley: