Is there hope through blocking?

So…my alterations to Circle of Fun rug (now blanket) from Mason Dixon Knitting didn’t quite work.

Is it possible to block 100% cotton (Sugar n Cream) to make it flat? It did stretch quite a bit and I probably could get it to stretch and get really flat. However, I had hoped for something that could be thrown into the wash and dryer.

When you block something, do you have to repeat that process everytime you wash?

Sorry. I can’t help.

the pinwheel and the colors are so cool though…

It’s because the edge/border stitches don’t also increase. I don’t know the pattern; are they just a continuation of the center part? To fix it, you’d need to make the edging shorter or keep making increases up to the last row. It’s like knitting a hat from the center out, you increase until it’s the size you want, then knit even without more increases. That gives you a cup shape. To flatten it, you have to keep increasing.


It’s constructed in two pieces. Well, let me back up.

The original calls for two yarns held together and much bigger gauge. It had three parts: the center pinwheel, then two strips of garter stitches attached with the inner one being thinner and the outer wider.

My version is different in that I used one yarn and doubled the number of stitches then had one border only.

I’m guessing that to get my version to work would need short rows on the outside border piece.

However, if I make something that can go in the washing machine, does it go back to its original shape or to its blocked shape? If it’s the latter then there’s hope yet.

I’ve made a summer top out of sugar and cream that stretches out after wearing it a few times, then goes back when I wash it. I didn’t block it, didn’t see a point to it. Don’t know if that helps or not.

But it looks as though the outer edge is knit in a long strip and sewn to the center? If so, you would need to have short rows to make wedges so it would lie flat when shaped into a circle. I don’t think blocking would help.


From the picture, I think it is possible that the cast-off edge is tight, and is causing most of the problem (it’s also possible that it’s not just the CO edge, but worry about that later). From touching the CO edge, does it feel like the limiting factor?

If so, you could undo and redo it using the EZ cast-off, or cast off on a much bigger needle to keep the edge looser. If you’ve cut the wool already, join on a longer length (Russian, or - if it’s natural fibre - a felted join).

I have heard that enough blocking will eventually make plain borderless stocking lie flat. Even if that’s true, I don’t think that it will fix a too-tight cast-off, but as I say, I’m not sure whether that’s in fact the problem.

Let us know what you’re going to try?