Is there anything I should know in advance about thick

Hi K4BB,

I’ve done two sweaters, one hat, and one scarf in Crystal Palace Musique (lagoon colorway) which is a thick/thin yarn. The colors are lovely, and it feels SOOOO soft, and a little fuzzy.

I’ve also done the same sweater in Paton’s Anna yarn (which is now discontinued). The sweater pattern I’ve used was written for the Anna yarn, but it’s mostly just reverse stockinette stitch with some waist shaping and bell sleeves, and a V-neck. The gauges of the patterns I’ve used with thick/thin have all been written for bulky weight yarn, and that’s about the way most of the thick/thin yarns I’ve seen knit up, so bear this in mind when selecting a pattern for thick/thin. There can be some spots where the fabric is a tad thin, but overall the textured effect is pretty nice.

A couple of pointers: If you’re doing a long tail cast on, pick a spot for your slip knot that’s kind of “medium” so you don’t get two really thick pieces of yarn together right at the beginning of your cast on. It can be really hard to work that way and looks kind of “wonky”.

Pointer 2: When you go to join a new ball of yarn, I always work three or four stitches in a thin part of both the old and new yarns held together. It doesn’t make the fabric too thick, and gives a really secure join. When I join with this type of yarn, I always join in the middle of a row, not on the edges. The texture of the yarn can make the edges a little uneven as is, and trying to join at the edge just exaggerates this.

Knitting with thick/thin yarn, especially in some of the gorgeous colorways out there, is a great way to put Both color and texture into a same object without having to change colors or deal with complicated stitch patterns. Plus it’s usually a fairly “quick knit” too!

Don’t be afraid of it and HAVE FUN!!! :happydance:

Happy Knitting :XX: :XX:


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