Is there anything I should know in advance about thick

and thin yarns?

Before I go off the deep end… :shock:


Besides that the thin yarns are skinny and the thick yarns are fat? :rofling: Sorry!

What are your concerns?

seeeeeee i saw that answer lurking out there and walked away…it took everything i could…it makes me sad to know that you are weaker than me Ingrid! :rofling:

I personally am not much of a fan of thick/thin yarns beyond that they knit up with a cool texture. i just find that they don’t really seem to work in my mind for the projects that i want to do. i am probably wrong and they probably work fine…just my perception.

shakes head at Ingrid and walks away giggling

It’s been a long day. Just needed a comic relief fix. :shifty:

Well just USE ME UP, then Ingy! :roflhard:

The main concern is that I don’t know if there are concerns I need to have because I’ve never used it before. :roflhard:

The more immediate one that comes to mind is: do the thin parts create tiny stitches and the larger parts make fat ones? And if so, doesn’t that look a l’il strange?

Yeah - I left myself WIDE OPEN for that one. I should know better with all the cleverlings on KH. :roflhard:

Yarn with varied thickness knits up into fabric with varied thickness–or I should say textured. Some of them are very cool looking.

Yeah, there are some spots where you may have little holes if a lot of thin parts line up together, but I think the texture is cool and it really doesn’t affect the finished piece much.

Here’s a top I made with a thick-thin yarn:

Purple Halter

Sorry I don’t have a closeup.

Apparently that’s the “thin” version!! :lol: :lol:

Just jealous, that’s all. :verysad:

Ingrid… thank you for the prompt smart aleck answer… :roflhard:

Mer… that top is really cool.

K4BB… you’re one up on me… I didnt know there was such a yarn. Who’da thunk it?


but thanks ingrid! I seem to recall a gorgeous picture of you on here, so I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Mer! With the Mush Mush twin cat!

YUM!!! I’m buying it! sigh I may have to give up food, but I can handle that.

Good GOD, I NEED this yarn!!! Looks like it knits up fine. I gotta have. We’ll converse when it gets here.

:rofling: @ Ingrid… I wish there was a job I could get laughing at your jokes. They’re so constant…unlike jobs. :roflhard:

JLMSGC, :roflhard:

Getting a pic of the unspeakable beauty that is the subject of my covetousness…


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Ooooooo! Purdy. :drooling:

I would covet that for SURE!!! how on EARTH do they make such pretty colors…sigh…lol…

love the one you’re with Heather…plain and simple…lol…

:shock: Be still my heart! :heart: :heart: :heart:

HUH? :??

Wow! Nice yarn.

that looks like goods from Helloyarn…i had to stop stalking their website because i wanted everything!

HUH? :??

Wow! Nice yarn.[/quote]

i think those are the initials of what kelly called you the other day…joely louise moopy smooopy whatevah… i think

HUH? :??

Wow! Nice yarn.[/quote]

i think those are the initials of what kelly called you the other day…joely louise moopy smooopy whatevah… i think[/quote]You’re right. :roflhard:

LOL! Joely…you’re gonna have to do better about your name…