Is there any white that will felt?

I’m working on a purse that has white for a background color in the color work… not much at all. Is there any I can get that will felt?

I think it just has to be unbleached.

Any sugestions on where to get that? I googled “unbleached yarn” but I got way to much other stuff other than yarn to knit with :frowning:

Before I knew about the whole white-wool-may-not-felt thing, I started on an off-white booga bag for a friend. I freaked when I found out and did a test swatch to felt and it did work. It was Paton’s Classic Merino Wool, the color was called Winter White. It felted just as well as any colored wool I have done. Good luck!

well i think as long as it is organic you shouldn’t have too much of a problem.

KK what did you use for the bigger booga? was that the WOTA natural?

all WOTA.

You are addicted to it, aren’t you?

[size=2]:shifty: a little bit…yeah. :shifty:[/size]