Is there any reason I would want to keep my single points

I have both the Denise set AND the Boye set and use these for everything. I can’t think of anything I have used my wooden straight needles for since getting these sets. My girlfriend is starting to knit and is looking for used needles to get her started. I am thinking of giving/selling these to her, but I am hesitating. Probably the biggest reason is I bought the entire lot of them brand new off ebay when I first started knitting back in May I think. Most of them have still never been used. But since this is a purely selfish reason I am asking…IS there any reason I would regret getting rid of them? Is there a reason I would WANT to use straight needles?

Would she lend them to you if or when you DID need them?? I say give 'em to her…chances are she will become addicted to knitting, buy her own circ set and give them back to you anyway! :lol:

if they are wood the only thing i can think of is for exceptionally slippery yarn (i don’t know how denise’s handle slippery yarns)…i have a bunch of bamboos that i just can’t bring myself to get rid of either, mostly because some of them are very long and i can’t help but think i will want them if i ever decide to be patient enough to try an afghan again.

The only straights I ever use any more are my DPNS…I say share the joy, and just tell her that if for some reason she doesn’t need them anymore, that she should give 'em back to you, so you can share the joy with someone else. :smiley:

I had one instance recently where my circ’s points were not sharp enough for the M1’s I had to do. I don’t know if this is an issue with the sets, though.

I love my wooden straights for yarn that just slides too much with metal. I also use my metal straights for awkward projects when it’s just easier to not worry about a cord being too long or not long enough. (Plus I’m just lazy)