Is there any reason I can't do this?

I’m making this afghan with my dd, so that we can each make squares and neither has to do the whole thing herself.

However, in looking at it, instead of making individual squares, is there any reason I can’t just make one square, and then join the yarn for the next one up, and do it in strips? (I am thinking of avoiding all that stitching together!)

Then we’d just have strips to stitch together instead of squares. Will it look funny in some way I’m not thinking of?

BTW, we’re using prettier colors. :slight_smile:

I can’t think of why it wouldn’t work. At worst, you could try it with two squares and then if you decided it didn’t work, you could frog back to the first square. Just put in a life line first.

There’s nothing like trying it out! The only thing might be that it feels a little heavy on the needles after awhile, but you could make several longer sections then and cast off when you’ve had enough.

Seems like a good idea to me! If you’re doing it on circs then most of the weight would be in your lap anyway. :slight_smile:

I’m new at this so I don’t know much, but I remember reading somewhere that someone was making an afghan that looked similar to yours and was doing strips instead of squares and just changing the color like you would a scarf. So my guess is YES, it can be done that way. :slight_smile:

All my scouring of the internet for knitting information has finally paid off!

I asked the same question a little while ago and the answer was YES! :smiley:

my mil is making one just like that for her grandaughter saves a lot of time

probably it would work. my friend tried it.

There is no reason why it wouldn’t work however, if your squares are off at all, they may not line up. Like if your square is 12 inches and hers is 11… so you would want to make sure you are getting the same gauge and sizing the squares the same. Otherwise there is no reason why it wouldn’t work that I can think of.

I’ve made an afghan that way- it works and it definitely saves time. I would recommend that you each knit your own strips and then stitch them up. I wouldn’t be too worried about the gauge. I started my afghan when I was a beginner, then finished it months and months later. This resulted in crazy gauge changes and I was able to stitch it up without too much problem. You can sort of make up for mistakes when you’re sewing. Also, if it’s wool or has wool in it, blocking will help.