Is there any link besides this

that teaches you how to knit things?

What I try to say is… reading pattern books or online patterns is sometimes like reading Hieroglyphics.

I am not a native speaker so I get confused :?? most of the times. I knit by looking at things but I want to knit more stuff and I wish to find videos or pictures with step by step or at least a picture or graphic of how the pattern should look

this is one example

can someone help me here

Thank you!

The links here at this site have videos on basic techniques and another page on the abbreviations


thank you :oops: but I already know all the basics

what I can’t do so far are necklines, socks and some other stuff like when I see a pic I don’t know how should it look.

For eaxmple this one

when you look at the picture I get. hmmm how should it look then on the same page under the picture there


Schematics HTML
Schematics PDF

if you click one of these, you can see the picture of how the shawl should look like

things like this… sorry for all the inconveniences

Oh, the instructions are in the pattern. I know you said you have trouble reading them, but for this one you make all the little squares and join them together like the schematic shows. It’s crocheted, btw, not knit.

For knitting, the pattern tells you to dec (decrease) or inc (increase) at the shoulders, or neck edge. There’s usually no special technique beyond the basics.


thank you!!

now I’ll go and try those instructions… wish me good luck!