Is there any hope?

I was working on a sock for my husband. Sock #1 is done (had been for like, oh…a year…) and sock #2 was near the ankle (knit top down). I had it tucked away in a drawer but somehow one of my kitties managed to pulled it out of the draw, unraveled a whole bunch, not to mention chewed my bamboo dpns to splinters. Look at it makes me think its hopeless and that I will just have to start over with sock #2, but is there any way to save it? The way she unraveled it is extremely uneven where some areas are ripped back many many rows, yet other areas seem ok.

I’m thinking that I will need to restart!

Naughty kitty. LOL We have a cat that eats knitting. She stays outside almost all the time, but we let her in a couple of times like when she was spayed and when she had to have her tail amputated. When she was in she ate holes in a sweater I knit a while back for my father and got back after he and my mother both died. Then she ate holes in a sweater I left in the car when the windows were down. It was not handmade, but I liked it. :frowning:

Anyway… Is it just plain stockinette stitch or something fancy? If it is stockinette you may be able to save some of it, if strands are intact and not weakened by chewing. You may be able to only rip it back a little to a point where things look pretty good and if there are stitches that are still dropped you can pick them up with a crochet hook and work them up.

If I were you I’d try to save some of it, you may succeed and if you don’t you can always resort to a complete frog job. Not much wasted but a litlte time if you try and you will no doubt learn some things even if you don’t succeed. And if you do…hurrah!!

If you haven’t used a crochet hook to pick up stitches and “reknit” them, look up the videos about fixing mistakes. It is probably in the “Tips” section.

Try a life line down where all the stitches are still in tact… I think there is a video on this. Frog to the life line, insert needles and begin. If your hubby plays golf, you could always just give him the one sock to cover his golf club and call it a day.

ya, he doesn’t play golf, but great suggestion!

I didn’t think of the lifeline! That sounds perfect!