Is there an alternative to w&t

I am helping my mother make a pair of Fiber Trends felted mittens. She is a crocheter and not a knitter. I am a knitter and I have only encountered the w&t on this pattern. Seems like every sock, slipper, or mitten pattern I have used just does a slip stitch then turn the work. Is there a reason she cannot just slip the last stitch and then turn her work rather than doing a w&t?
We do not live in the same state so I cannot see what she is doing that is making the w&t so hard for her so would like to avoid it if possible. I fear even if I can talk her through it she may only make one mitten…

The purpose for a wrap & turn is to avoid a hole at the turning point. However, for a felted pattern, this may not be necessary since the felting probably would tighten up any holes.

If she’s willing to take the risk, then there’s no law that she has to do the w&t. I personally think the risk is small.

I’ve used German short rows and thought that they worked more easily than the conventional w&t:

But, I agree with Ingrid, for a felted project, I doubt that the holes will show.