Is there an "alternative" st for K4togtbl?

Hi all I am at my wits end with this st (many thanks to all who helped in previous post)…I am doing a “seashell blanket” which calls for K4togtbl, then K4tog (um you can see the pic under my other post about K4togtbl) anyway thru the “back loop” is not only totally frustrating it’s killing my hand, wrist and thumb…(um have wrist tendonitis and Carp Tunnel) I realize it is a slanting dec…any other way to do this? Any help appreciated…:muah:

Try an extended ssk - ssssk, slip the 4 sts separately to the R needle, put the L needle in front of them and knit together.

Slip as to K? Or P?..because the jest of the st is thru the back loop… Thanks

Slip the 4 stitches on to a crochet needle then loop through the 4 stitches and put the remaining stitch on your irhgt hand needle, knit on!

Generally you slip decs as if to knit, but if you want the same look as k tog tbl, you’d slip as if to purl. Which may be what makes that so tight and difficult to do.