Is there an actual pattern for increase & decrease section in the basics?

Newbie here! I have been learning to knit on this website following the basics videos. In the sections for increasing & decreasing there is a knitted diamond strip that has these stitches together. Is there an actual pattern for that?:shrug:


I don’t think there is a pattern. It is basically a “strip” if you will that will get that diamond shape when applying the various increase/decrease techniques :thumbsup:

You’re the person who posted that question a few days ago. Someone answered it, even made up a pattern for you. That thread is here - - in case you couldn’t find it again…

Please don’t forget to check for your old posts for answers. :teehee:

Oddly, scarroll responded to the end of that old thread and appeared to have seen the pattern :slight_smile: Perhaps its a groundhog day thing :lol:

The reply was after we pointed back to that thread; after the post in this thread…