Is there a website where you can type in the weight >>>

of yarn that you have and it will spit out patterns? That would be cool, esp. if you were searching internet yarn sales.

Ravelry has a thing sorta like that…if you go to the patterns tab, then under the search box you will see a pattern browser, click that, and then you can chose the yarn weight and different things…:thumbsup:

It also lets you search for yarn and see what other people have made from it.
This site is only for socks, but you can see what patterns can be made with a specific weight.

Yes, but I want the reverse! :mrgreen:

Hmmm, what about the ravelry browser don’t you like? Its exactly as you described, if you only click on yarn weight, it will give you all the patterns it has for that weight yarn - isn’t that what you said you wanted? :??

Really? I thought you had to put in the exact yarn, like Malabrigo or something. Lemme go see about this…

Hey, it works! Woo hoo! This is great because I’m always buying yarn but forgetting what I bought it for! How did I not know you couldn’t search for patterns by weight?