Is there a way

To weave in the ends as you knit? I’m knitting a striped scarf for a little girl that I watch and I’m using 6 different colours. I love, love, love, how the stripe pattern is turning out, but because the stripes vary in size (8, 4, 2,2,2,2, repeat), I can’t easily carrying the colours along. I’m maybe 1/3 of the way done and already have a ton of ends to weave in and I’m not looking forward to when I’m all done and have about a million of them to weave in!


i usually just knit with a double strand for like the first three stitches or so and then snip the yarn.

Or you could knit it in the round and have all the stripes be in stockinette rather than a purl side where you see the color changes. You wouldn’t have to worry much about ends, either.

In this case, I don’t know if you’d want to knit the two strands together for the first however many stitches, since you’re using different colours it would produce a variagated look on those few stitches. There is a good suggestion found in this pattern, nearly half way down under the heading of ‘Avoiding Weaving in Ends’, #2 suggestion is what you’re looking for.

Hope this helps.

I try to weave in as I go. When joining a new color (I think I got this from Annie Modesitt), I knit one st with the working strand of the new color, then I knit one with the tail of the new color - this locks it in place. Then on the third st of the new color, twist the old color’s tail over the new working strand and knit with the new strand. Old over new, old over new - repeat for how long you want to weave in.

Then on the next row, you can weave in the ‘new’ (2nd) color’s tail. Yes, you’re up a row, but it won’t show. Old over new.

Hopefully this makes sense. :??

WOW! I never knew there were some many ways to do this! I always knit holding both strands for 3 or so stiches.

Love it when I learn a new way of doing it! :cheering:

Is there a way to not have to weave it in at the end?

Tie a knot and call it a design element. :doh:

Thank you for all the suggestions! :muah: